Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Away we go...

Who Am I?

I'm a silly Texas girl with an attitude and a passion to create.

What I love...

my husband, my son, my woof-woofs "read Oliver and Riley",  art and of course photography. 

What I do...

I started shooting manual photography after my son, Evan, was born and many hundreds of dollars later I feel like I have come a long way from the auto setting on my Nikon.

Now with Little E's birthday right around the corner I have found myself absorbed or some may say obsessed with creating birthday decorations. To date I have made a partial birthday banner, 1 birthday hat with handmade pom pom, 30 cupcake toppers, 50 custom birthday invitations, and decorated one Wilton 4-tiered cupcake stand.  Left on my "to do" list are 15 more cupcake toppers, complete the birthday banner, and make a high chair banner.  Did I mention making the cupcakes and possibly E's smash cake too? I'm a busy lady, but I have a passion to make things and make 'em pretty.

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